Living Miracles Studio

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It is our mission to use music to inspire Love!


Music is transformational. It’s a universal experience, and a pathway to God. When music is a communication from the Divine, the Presence emanates through, inviting you directly into an experience of Enlightenment.


Enlightenment is a recognition of a timeless state of being. Beyond judgment, everything merges together and there is nothing left to search for. It is the full rise into awareness of Self.  

What is the Living Miracles Studio Mission?

Living Miracles Studio is a record label supporting music releases that reflect the practice of true forgiveness and the authentic, living experience of God. Our music is a means to inspire Love through the practical application of Living Miracles’ teachings, and offers an uplifting experience that points to clarity of mind. Tune in and let your heart rejoice and your mind praise the never-ending heavenly hymn of Love and peace!

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