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It is our mission to produce music that is an inspiration and a blessing!
Living Miracles Studio is a record label that produces and distributes songs and music videos, as well as provides live music at our Sunday Services, concerts, tours, music festival, and retreats.


Living Miracles Studio Team

The team is involved with the day-to-day operations of Living Miracles Studio. We collaborate with various musicians that share their music freely with our ministry, as an inspiring gift for everyone.


Kirsten Buxton ~ Oversite and Inspiration

A Course in Miracles Music- Kristen

Kirsten is a modern-day mystic, spiritual teacher and author, who devoted her life to awakening after a revelatory experience in 2002. She is a co-founder of the Living Miracles community and travels upon invitation to teach and hold spiritual retreats throughout the world. 

Bio: Kirsten loves music, and it is has been an integral part of her spiritual journey. Ranging from angel meditations to uplifting dance music, the Spirit sings to her within her mind every day. Late in 2012 she was prompted by the Spirit to ask for a guitar lesson, and since then has found herself playing guitar and singing as a meditation, writing songs, and going on tour to share the Spirit’s message of freedom through words and song. 



Jason Press (JP) ~ Musician and Website Support

A Course in Miracles Music JP

JP is an incredibly gifted musician, singer/songwriter, music producer, and music video producer.  His spontaneous piano improvisations are reflections of his purity of heart and humble devotion to Christ.

Bio: For JP, music has been a path of discovery and a way to open up to hearing the Spirit. He loves feeling the joy of collaborating with inspired musicians and allowing a spontaneous (and sometimes even telepathic) expression to come through in the moment. Playing music has become more and more an experience of listening and following; “allowing” the music when it’s there, and not forcing it when it’s not.  To JP, nothing feels more like prayer than the experience of playing music and it has been his honor to improvise, perform, and record with Living Miracles Studio; sinking deeper and deeper into the magic of music.



Ricki Comeaux ~ Musician 

A Course in Miracles Music

Ricki’s devotion to God has led her to support Living Miracles Studio as a Musician-Minister.  She writes deeply personal songs about her spiritual journey, and shares them with a passion that lights a spark in all who hear her sing!

Bio: Ricki Comeaux used to perform regularly in New Orleans at The House of Blues, and Tipitina’s. In 2001, she was awarded “Best Emerging Artist of the Year” by Off Beat Magazine. She went to Nashville to play and sing for a while, before she realized that the doors of the world were closing on her.   She felt something calling her deeper inwards, towards an opening of the heart and Self-Realization.  She says: “I used to write music that reflected the anger, pain, and loss that I experienced in the world. My songs are now my prayer, and I just allow Spirit to write the music. There is no struggle or effort involved anymore, and it is truly a miraculous experience.”



Erik Archbold ~ Musician & Website Support

A Course in Miracles Music

In 2009, Erik devoted his life to being a “traveling minstrel for God”, and to being wherever he could be Used by Spirit in the highest way possible.  When not traveling to share his music and passion for Awakening, he serves as Co-Manager of the Living Miracles music studio, managing the studio recording, mixing, production, and distribution-end of the Living Miracles music ministry.

Bio:  Erik Archbold started playing music at the age of 16. He learned a wide variety of popular classic rock songs on his guitar and started writing his own songs in college. It was mostly a “campfire hobby” for many years until mid-2009 when his entire life went through a radical transformation in which spiritual Awakening became the top priority. Within a short period of time, Erik was Guided to leave behind his old career as a hypnotherapist, sell his house and most possessions, and devote himself solely to God and music. Many inspired songs poured through him, followed by invitations to travel and share this music with others.   Erik says, “My greatest joy is to be used as an instrument for God’s Love… to feel that Love deep within come pouring through me unhindered and uncensored, to bless the Mind we share.”

Skype: live:erik_1178


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