Straight From the Heart Vol 1

Various Artists

Straight From the Heart Vol 1 is the first of an ever-growing collection of music recordings, captured in the moment at Living Miracles concerts, gatherings, retreats, Sunday Services and Google Hangouts. Music is by Living Miracles musicians who are devoted to awakening to Truth.

A deep message of peace of mind, surrender, and acceptance come through the music in this powerful album.  Armelle Six and Erik Archbold deliver a beautiful reminder to trust in God, let go and “watch it all unfold” in “Trusting You.” The only error is in fragmented perception. When we choose the right mind, we see that “It’s Only Me,” and acceptance and responsibility point towards freedom from those fragmented perceptions.

May these songs touch your heart!

Erik Ricki Straight From the HeartStraight From the Heart

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