Our Daily Bread

The Open Heart

Our Daily Bread is a collection of some of The Open Heart’s most listened-to healing songs that people have been using all over the world, on a daily basis, to help them heal in mind and line up with the Mind of God. “I am the living bread. Those who eat and drink of me shall never go hungry or thirst again.” – John 6:35

“Your music is our beautiful companion, helping us to remember God on every step.” ~ Fernando

“I can’t get enough, I just cry… Endless joy and peace!!!!” ~ Jacob

“Sooo beautiful…. tearfully beautiful.” ~ Laura

Healing Songs of Remembrance

Released in September, 2014, this album shares a joyful experience of celebration and gratitude for what is. It’s comprised of a mix of upbeat pop-like tracks and softer more melodious tunes that relax and calm.  “Love Goes With Me” makes you want to dance and sing along in celebration, while “Dear Self” grounds and quiets the mind. All together this album brings a mix of styles together with an underlying, deep message of love!

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Healing SongsHealing SongsHealing Songs

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